Aromatherapy Machine Usb Electronic Device Dukhoon/Bukhoor/Bakhoor portable incense burner

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Usb Incense Burner Arabic Electric Bakhoor Rechargeable Muslim Dukhoon/Bakhoor/Bukhoor Aromatherapy Fragrance Spraying Machine

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Product name :Portable USB electric bakhoor burner

Gross Weight :370g

Material :Plastic

Size :11.5*5*11.5 CM

Packaging :Gift box

Packaging set 1 bakhoor burner, 1 gift box, 2 instructions, 1 USB charging cable, 1 fabric bag, 1 mesh sheet


1. New version bakhoor burner fixed the control program cause the fan doesn`t work.
2. New version bakhoor burner use mute fan to reduce the noise of the fan.
3. New version bakhoor burner use 2200 mAh / 4.2 V lithum battery, fully charge more quickly, just need less than 2 hours, the first version needs aboout 7 hours.
4. New version bakhoor burner optimized the control program to fix the problems cause by hardware control when using daily.
5. New version bakhoor burner upgrades manufcaturing process, this can fix sometimes the trigger button is jammed, and improve the touch feeling.
6. New version bakhoor burner use better heating piece, with more powerful battery, it can smoke less than 1 second, the first version needs at least 3 seconds.

Features/Principle and characteristics of aromatherapy machine 1. Purify the air. The essential oil aromatherapy machine generates a large amount of active oxygen anions, which reacts strongly with harmful gas molecules in the air, comprehensively removes, and completely eliminates the hazards of formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia. 2. Safe to use. The cold mist produced by the essential oil aromatherapy machine can emit 100% of the essential oil and keep the active ingredients of the essential oil, so that the essential oil can be absorbed by the human body completely and exert the maximum effect

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